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Recipes and Cookin' Stuff


                 The Family Tradition

        "He Who Cooks..... Never Cleans"


  Here's Some of My Favorite Cookin' "Stuff"

                        My brother-in-law's favorite saying is:
          "If it looks good and tastes good, it's usually bad for You"

    Consequentially - What's Included below is definitely not considered

                                     ...... "Health Food"

     By the way, In this part of the country, Pecan is not pronounced "PeeCan"
                            Down Hearah, we pronounce it "Pah Cawn"


                                           Cajun Food and Spices

   We live in the heart of one of the few truly unique "Food Capitals" of the world.
   Cajun food is known world wide, and stands alone as a distinctive food culture and taste.

     There are spices that are unique to South Looziana. In the 50's and 60's
     they were hard to find unless you went to New Orleans, but now-a-days
     you can find most of these in any major local grocery store chain, Like Kroger..
     All of these are derivatives of "Hot Peppers", be they in liquid or powdered form.
     The "Blend" of the different pepper types, and other "Secret Ingredients"  have been
     crafted over the decades, and in Cajun Cookin' - spice is everything. 

    They all share their "formula's" with peppers which are Locally Grown and Cultivated.
    Their Spices are known for their unique Cajun Flavor and being "hot hot hot".

    The below listed companies have their own websites and sell "direct".  
    They sell more than just "Spices" so you might want to take a closer look. <G>

       Also go on line to some place like Amazon or Walmart  

    Buy these "Brands" and be assured of getting the True Authentic Cajun Taste
                                       the very first time

                      Here's a few of "The best of the best companies" 


            Zatterains         Tony Chaceries              Tobasco                  Slap-Ya-Mama


Assorted Cajun Recipes

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More Cookin - Use these when you want  Easy Printouts

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